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Good advice (life/help/)
The following is a Chinese good luck tantra totem (a fancy way of saying ): Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully; Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as i ... read more

300,000 miles, not one accident under computer control (education/technology/computers)
from Refreshing News: Google's Self-Driving Cars: 300,000 Miles Logged, Not a Single Accident Under Computer Control Ever since Google began designing its self-driving cars, they've wanted to build cars that go beyond ... read more

MIT creates solar cell from grass clippings (life/health/environment)
A researcher at MIT, Andreas Mershin, has created solar panels from agricultural waste such as cut grass and dead leaves. In a few years, Mershin says it'll be possible to sti ... read more

A visit to Walmart (life/money/shopping)
I hate Walmart.  It's a company run by slimy executives, and its stores are frequented by the lowest class of people.  I always feel the need for a shower afterward.  But, this morning it made more sense to go there ... read more

Greeting cards by Natalia Holmes (culture/art/)
, my niece. ... read more

Conquest Math (education//)
My brother's math tutoring site: ... read more

Garden improvements (life/health/food)
I finished up my little rain barrel project yesterday. My three rain barrels used to be underneath the downspout coming off the roof. And that's great for catching the most rain, but the problem was that it is downhill from and no ... read more

Comments welcome (family/adoption/holmes)
I set this blog so that you can now add your comments anonymously without logging in. So, comment away! I was afraid that the requirement for a login was keeping people from participating. Now you can go crazy because you're anonymous ... read more

Holmes Family Newsletter Vol 2 No 6 (family/holmes/newsletter)
the NEWS Vol. 2, No. 6 [Back in spite of popular demand.] April 16, 1990 WORLD NEWS Mike is back from Germany and looking very European. (Fancy haircut, pale complexion, but otherwise healthy.) He's having trouble getting use ... read more

Holmes Family Newsletter Vol 2 No 2 (family/holmes/newsletter)
Bullseye Vol. 2, No. 2, January 26, 1990 [formerly known as Hard Copy; before that, The Holmes Family Newsletter] Denise expecting! Taking her cue from Lucy's dog, Coyote, Denise is also expecting puppies, er, that is, a ... read more

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