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Nashville Sounds schedule

  The Nashville Sounds' schedule is at Sounds... read more

Steroid Level So High in Beef It's Causing Players to Fail Drug Tests

  I'm sure it's just a coincidence! :) Five months after Congress voted to remove country-of-origin labeling ... read more

Good start

  The NFL got off to a good start today, the first real games of the season.Both of my teams, the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers, won!The Titans were a surprise over the Steelers.The Niners won "as expected" even though they were pla... read more

Surfer catches 'biggest wave ever' off Portugal

   (+video)... read more

Events at Mpact Sports!

  For those in middle Tennessee: Events at Mpact.Elizabeth used to go here for gymnastics.They are a great bunch of people.... read more

Fox 'shoots hunter' in Belarus

  Hooray for the fox! via Fox "shoots hunter" in Belarus A wounded fox shot its would be killer in Belaru... read more

Giants win!

  For the first time in my lifetime, the S.F. Giants have won the World Series!And they did on my birthday!Adding to my joy was seeing George W. Bush in the background, clearly unhappy.... read more

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