Wolfram Alpha research tool"Out there" sort of stuff... read more

Cool, not cool

  Cool! But bad news for locksmiths?newschannel5story22716208keyme-stores-a-copy-of-your-house... read more

My phones

  In the process of upgrading to a new Samsung Galaxy Note II today (which should arrive in a few days), Sprint at one point showed me all of the devic... read more

Best smartphone as of June 2013

  I've got an iPhone 4 now, which I've never been crazy about. I used to have a Blackberry Curve, which I was also never crazy about. If I could ... read more

Technology which could save the world

  Electron Model of Many Applications: ... read more

New cell phone

  Sprint called the other day and offered me a free new phone.The woman, sounding like she was from Indonesia or something, went on and on and on for twenty minutes.Luckily, the call did not cou... read more

New MP3 player for my car

  I am now the proud owner of this very cool device, here.Thanks to Heather and Brady for the suggestion!... read more

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