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Alaska, A True Wilderness

  I've always heard people use the words "wilderness" and "Alaska" in the same sentence. It didn't mean a lot to me until recently when my wife Carla and ... read more

Portugal to Hungary

  How I Spent My Summer Vacations () by Doug [from 1992] PortugalAzores... read more

Eastern Canada

  Roving reporter returns from East (September, 1989) — Bill returned from his trip to eastern Canada a few weeks back. He was supposed to seek out and capture "Wild Man" Doug. Remember? Well, he's back. Bill, that ... read more

Must see sights around the world

  A list of must-see sights around the world. Less obvious places, such as Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont, or the ... read more

Best Places to Go in 2013

  Travel Picks: : Condé Nast Traveler. Nashville made the list! Here's what they say about it:... read more

Things to do in Nashville

  Some of these are in the general area, but not Nashville itself. Adventure ... read more

Tour of Nashville

  Elizabeth and I played tour guide to my sister Jeannie, her daughter Tiffany, her husband David, and their kids Shayden, 9, and Skyla, 1½. We started with a late breakfast at Crac... read more

Trusted Traveler Program Lets Mexicans Skip Airport Security

  from judicialwatchblog201012trusted-traveler-program-lets-mexicans-skip-airport-security ... read more

Which airports have body scanning technology?

  Airports to avoid, if at all possible. Which airports have body-scanning technology? - CNN The TSA website lists all the airports... read more


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      It's over, for me, anyway. I rode two days in and that was enough. As I expected, it was nice to ride with 10,000 other cyclists and the party-like attitude of the riders and the people in the towns was really nice. The pr... read more


      I'm home after a long trip to , VA and back. It was quite an experience overall. The 1-34 hour drive to SMF was punctuated by the puppy screaming and howling in the crate behind me in the van. She messed the new... read more


      Our trip was great.  Here's a very short story.     We left on 811 from my work. My boss made me attend a meeting that day which ended at 2:30, whereupon I joined June, Brian and Andy who were in our ... read more


      We visited Evelyn's family and ate like the pigs that we are. Bijou had fun. I guess the highlight was going to the cemetery. Believe it or not, it was really Gothic, colorful, historical and very interesting, in general... read more


      . What an incredibly boring state. Tara, her sister Sandie, niece Destiny and I flew from Nashville to attend her youngest sister Stephanie's high school graduation in Council Grove, .  Tara and I figured we'd find somethin... read more

Airline Cabin Announcements

   All too rarely, airline attendants make an effort to make the in flight "safety lecture" and announcements a bit more entertaining. Here are some real examples that have been heard or reported: 1. On a Southwest flight 245 (SW has no assign... read more

Charleston and Savannah

  Charleston, SC     We drove . . . and drove . . . and drove — 10 hours or so — from Nashville until finally reaching Charleston, South Carolina. Along the way, we stopped in Asheville, North Carolina at the B... read more

New Orleans

      We flew into about noon time on a Friday. Since the room wasn't ready for such an early arrival, we walked four blocks to the pier and decided to ride the paddle wheel boat "... read more

California: What a Trip!

       Thursday, before we left on Saturday, I took Austin to his Grandma Joy's house. We had a good visit and he took to her immediately. I left him on Friday morning and drove back to Nashville. I was supposed to get my eardrums c... read more

Ft. Lauderdale

      I went to (Nov. 6) for the Breeders' Cup horse races at Gulfstream Park (actually in Hallandale, FL).  It was fun just being there.  I'd never been to south Florida before.     How'd I do on the... read more

St. Louis

      Tara and I made a quick trip (if you can call a five-hour road trip "quick") to over the Labor Day weekend.  We visited their "historic district" (old town) along the river where they were hosting the B... read more


     Tara and I left Nashville for on a Thursday morning. At the last minute I decided to let my cat Myca out. I figured he would return shortly after doing his "business" in the nei... read more

Atlanta Trip

       Tara and I just got back from a long weekend in Atlanta.  It was nice to see the town.  I'd passed through before, but had never stopped to look.  The first touristy thing we did after eventually finding our ho... read more

California Here We Come!

  For our "summer vacation," Tara and I went to California. Where in California? Just about everywhere in 4½ days. We took a Southwest Airlines "direct" flight from Nashville to Oakland. Stupidly, we thought "dir... read more

Europe '96 video

  You can watch it here: vimeo3271045 I was there for Doug and Jana's wedding, but this doesn't include that, as that was filmed by a professional. This video is so badly-... read more


  Nashville  — June, 1996      I planned everything in advance. Or so I thought. I bought my round-trip plane ticket three months in advance. I "surfed The Web" and researched whatever I could find r... read more

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