Holmes Russian adoption videos

by Bill - 2008-09-14 - in family/adoption/holmes

The links to both 1 and 2 are here. Part 1 has been updated slightly, in case you want to watch it again. Part 2 might be updated eventually, too, if more pictures come in. Here are the links:

Part 1


Part 2

Part 2 has been moved to Vimeo.com because it's apparently too large for Google. I don't know. Anyway, the link above is the latest, working link.

And here's a brief look into the future due to her "obvious" talent as a recording artist:

Elizabeth, Star in the Making

I finally got to see the videos at work! My home computer takes too long to download videos. They're great! I really enjoyed them. - Lucy, 2008-10-07 11:09:14

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