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   provided by FriendsNews members Handyman:  Doug Horse Rescue Therapy Riding:  Jeannie Classified Ad Placeme... read more


  For-sale-related postsShopping-related posts Misc computerelectronics for sale: Click here A whole bunch of electronic equipm... read more


  This is a free service that we're only too happy to provide. And just because it's free, that doesn't mean it's not professionally done. Give us a call! Anytime, but the later the hour, the worse the insult!... read more

Professional house cleaning maid services for women with cancer

  Professional House Cleaning Maid Services for women with cancer. Interested in giving the gift of a clean home to a woman undergoing cancer treatments? We would love to hear from you! ... read more

Detection dogs

  via A nose for wild things These are no hounds. These are highly trained detection dogs used by biologists to canvass for animals, scat, rare plants and invasive weeds that are easily missed by humans.... read more

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